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5 Steps to proficiency!

What makes the Math Intervention video lessons unique is that there is a real live person doing the instruction. The format is basically the same for all the videos and is as follows:

  1. The Domain and grade level are identified.

  2. The standard for that particular video is read.

  3. The math vocabulary words and definitions are introduced.

  4. A live person instructs using the math vocabulary and a variety of visuals.

  5. The standard is revisited to provide clarification and closure.

Although I would like to say all the videos are short in duration, the length varies, but all the videos can be paused and resumed at a later time and can be watched as many times as needed.

Sample Lesson

When deciding where to start in the intervention process, remember to start a grade level below the student’s present grade level. Most students who are struggling in math have deficiencies below grade level. Be sure to give the below grade level test and identify deficient standards performing an item analysis. The answer key identifies the standards for each item on the test. The students only need watch the videos for the standards that are deficient. The student will know when they have confidence in their deficient standards, and the grade level test can be given again for a comparison to the first test taken.

The video lessons have been a labor of love, and I hope that students will gain grade level proficiency and confidence in their math ability.

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